/Regulations on Advertising

Regulations on Advertising

A) Advertising on sportswear

These regulations are a binding guidelines for the appearance of sportswear worn by players and officials of all teams and by referees and AHF representatives within the sphere of the Asian Handball Federation and the International Handball Federation.

1 General

1.1 Advertising may be placed on the sportswear worn by players during a game and on the sportswear and track suits worn by players and team officials in the places where competitions are held.

1.2 Advertising is permitted on sportswear and on the sportswear and track suits used by AHF referees, officials and technical delegates in the places where competitions are held.

1.3 The advertising on the sportswear (see 1.1. and 1.2.) may not be associated with a material benefit for the person wearing it.

1.4 The AHF itself has the right to advertise or place advertising at Asian Championships and Qualifications (see also 3.4).

1.5 Moreover, a team may advertise no more than 5 companies or products on its sportswear.

1.6 Advertising contracts made by member federations and participants of World Championships, Asian Championships and Qualifications for the World Championships, which affect the priority right of the AHF particularly in the placing of advertising on sportswear, are invalid.

2. Type of advertising

2.1 The use of company and product names, trademarks and classes of goods is permitted, provided that they do not offend common decency. The advertising may not be of a political, confessional, racist or ideological nature.

2.2 National regulations (bans on advertising for tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc.) must be observed.

2.3 The use of fluorescent colors is not permitted. This ban applies not only to advertising, but also in general to the material of the sportswear and track suits.

2.4 The brands and labels of origin of sports item manufacturers are not regarded as advertising if they do not exceed 20 cm² in area.

3. Dimension of advertising spaces

3.1 The maximum admissible advertising space (external dimension) on jerseys is 25 cm wide and 22 cm high (or up to a maximum of 550 cm²). The height of the individual characters must not exceed 10 cm.

3.2 The legibility of the players’ number on the jersey must not be affected by the advertising./p>

  • Players who wear sportswear which does not conform to the regulations shall not be permitted to play.
  • The advertising space on shorts, sleeves and headbands must not exceed 80 cm².

3.3 Advertising placed on sportswear:

The following are recognized as advertising space: – front and back of the jerseys.

  • Outer side of the sleeves.
  • Shorts.
  • Headbands.

3.4 Rights to advertising space at AHF competitions

  • The front and back of jerseys is reserved for the advertising of AHF member federations, in opposition to the payment of 1000 U$ for each advertisement on player’s jerseys and shorts beside the track-suits of the players and officials. Same conditions apply on teams’ representatives.
  • The outer side of sleeves is reserved exclusively for AHF advertising.
  • In the opposite 2000 U$ for each advertisement should be paid to AHF in order to use this space to advertise (outer side of sleeves).
  • The advertising on the clothes worn by referees and AHF officials is reserved for AHF.
  • An individual advertiser may not request the sole right to advertise in a specific field.

3.5 Rights to advertising space at IHF championships of all categories;

In case of nonexistence of advertisers by the teams participating in the World Championships for the spaces as stipulated in the article (3.4) of the “IHF Regulations on Advertising” the AHF shall have the right to establish contracts for advertisement on these spaces, in participation with the qualified teams.

4. Special provisions

4.1 All details relating to the advertising and the amount or type of sum or of the service made available must be defined in the contract between the AHF member federations and the advertising company. Since the AHF, in transferring its advertising rights to the federations / clubs, is participating financially (see 3.4. paragraph 3), the contracts shall be submitted to the AHF upon request in these cases.

4.2 Contracts between AHF member federations / clubs and the advertising company must contain no arrangements which restrict the AHF’s rights to advertising.

4.3 The AHF is not competent to hear nor may it be made responsible for disputes which result from advertising contracts between AHF member federations / clubs and advertising companies or sponsors. It may also not be made responsible for loss of income resulting from the restrictions specified under point 2.2.

4.4 Contravention of the specifications of these regulations during Asian Championships and Qualifications for the World Championships will normally be dealt with by the Technical Committee of the Championship and otherwise by the Council of the AHF. The relevant regulations and directives of the AHF will apply.

B) Advertising in sports halls

In addition to the advertising on sportswear (see relevant regulations), the Asian Handball Federation permits advertising in sports facilities at its competitions (Asian Championship and Qualifications for World Championships) in the following areas:

  • Still and rotating advertising boards (145 meters, running continuously around the playing area in the pivoting range of the cameras; and 25 meters, running continuously on the long side facing away from the cameras);
  • Advertising on the center circle of the playing area (from the center point of the playing area to a radius of approximately 2.5 meters);
  • Advertising on the playing area (in front of the goal circle and facing the cameras; 4 areas of 3 x 2 meters each);
  • Advertising on the goal net;
  • Advertising on the floor along the edge of the playing area;
  • Advertising on the center circle of the playing field (court) and behind the goals (approximately 5 meters wide and 1 meter high) these spaces are exclusively reserved for the advertisements of AHF’s sponsor;
  • Advertisement in accordance to the stated regulations is permitted, in case the broadcasting T.V station relative to the hosting member federation has no contradictory rules;