/Terms and Conditions for Hosting Asian Competition

Terms and Conditions for Hosting Asian Competition

Terms & Conditions (Contract) for Hosting AHF Competition

The following contract concerning the Asian Handball Championship in the year …………is concluded between the Asian Handball Federation (Hereafter called the AHF)

As the event holder and the………..…… Handball Association(Hereafter called the organizer)

1 . Event holder and Organizer.

1.1 The AHF has the exclusive right to stage official AHF Championships and Qualifications for World Championships of all categories and to transfer the staging of such competitions to member association.

1.2 As the event holder of the Asian Championship and Qualifications for the World Championships, the AHF hereby transfers the right to organize this competition to the organizer. For this purpose, the organizer is entitled to establish a separate Organizing Committee (hereafter called OC). With the approval of the AHF, it may also co-opt another member association of the AHF as co-organizer. However, the organizer shall remain the legal and solely responsible contracting party with respect to the AHF.

1.3 The Asian Championship is essentially an AHF event. All questions associated with the organization and staging of the event must be discussed with and approved by the AHF.

1.4 Binding dates Staging of the AC

Date of the draw :        ………………………..
Arrival dates :               ………………………..
Departure dates :       ………………………..
Match days :                 ………………………..
Length of stay :            ………………………..

1.5 Participation

Number of participating teams

(each with 24 persons) :                             ………………………..
Number of AHF representatives :              ………………………..
Number of AHF Technical Delegates :     ………………………..
Number of pairs of referees :                     ………………………..+2 reserve pairs
AHF General Secretariat :                            ………………………..

2 . Obligation of the contracting parties

2.1 Obligations of the organizer

In preparing for and staging this Asian Championship, the organizer must observe all the obligations and duties set out in the AHF bylaws and regulations. In this context, particular reference is made to:

2.1.1 Guaranteeing that all participants (including journalists) are able to obtain visas without difficulty and unhindered entry to the country.

2.1.2 Playing the national anthems of the participating teams before every match and raising the flags of the playing teams and the officiating referees;

2.1.3 Organizational preparations for the technical sessions;

2.1.4 Providing all the rooms, equipment, etc., required to carry out the dope tests;

2.1.5 Appointing an OCA-accredited laboratory at which the analyses will be carried out;

2.1.6 Accommodating the teams in four star hotels at least 24 people per delegation in 16 rooms (generally 8 double rooms and 8 single rooms)

2.1.7 Accommodating the AHF representatives and referees in a five star hotel (separate from the teams), the AHF representatives being given single rooms and the referees double rooms

2.1.8 Providing an adequate number of conference rooms for the teams and for the AHF

2.1.9 Providing post boxes and information boards in all the hotels

2.1.10 Providing adequate and suitable catering and sufficient quantities of drinks at mealtimes

2.1.11 Guaranteeing the transportation required by the Asian Championship participants within the country with respect to the event.

2.1.12 Providing one bus and three saloon cars under utilization of the technical committee and referees;

2.1.13 Operating a press center and providing rooms for press conference in the playing halls;

2.1.14 Providing VIP lounges in all playing halls

2.1.15 Providing separate office (with the usual equipment) for utilization of the AHF secretariat

2.1.16 Providing a closing banquet for all teams still present, the organizer referees and AHF representatives

2.1.17 Producing the medals and certificates for the three first placed teams, providing commemorative medals for all the other teams, the referees and all AHF representatives along with a complete set for the AHF archive;

2.1.18 Ensuring that the international TV signal is provided for all the games;

2.1.19 Taking out an organizer’s liability insurance policy;

2.1.20 Holding a preparatory course for the extended pool of Asian Championship referees before men’s and women’s Asian Championship.

2.2 Obligation of the AHF conference in the playing halls

2.2.1 Providing the official match report sheets and match balls.

The organizer shall be provided with 10 balls for men’s and men’s junior Asian Championships and 05 balls for women’s and women’s Junior Asian Championships. After the event, these balls shall remain the property of the organizer.

2.2.2 Providing the referees equipment

2.2.3 Acceptance of playing halls and accommodations

2.2.4 Holding the draw.

2.2.5 Paying the Technical Committee daily allowance at the rate US$50/-

2.3 Joint obligations of the contracting parties

2.3.1 Drawing up the match scheme

2.3.2 Drawing up the training schedules

2.3.3 Holding the technical sessions before the start of the Asian Championship

2.3.4 Stipulating the scope of the dope tests;

2.3.5 Determining the dates, type and scope of the individual information to be sent in for the Asian Championship;

2.3.6 Drawing up the boards after each match day.

3. Financial rules

3.1 Financial rights of the organizer

3.1.1 The organizer is entitled to the contractually stipulated share of the monies arising from the contracts concluded by the AHF within the context of the Asian Championship;

3.1.2 The organizer is entitled to the income from the sale of entry tickets.

3.1.3 The profits arising from the contracts concluded with sponsors of the Asian Championship by the organizer, with the approval of the AHF, shall be divided between the AHF and organizer.

3.2 Financial obligations of the organizer

3.2.1 All traveling costs and all costs associated with the accommodation expenses incurred by the nominated AHF representatives and the nominated AHF referees shall be borne by the organizer.

The organizer shall decide whether the AHF officials, representatives, delegates and referees should purchase their own travel tickets or whether they will be purchased and made available to the people concerned by the organizer.

The AHF undertakes to nominate its representatives, officials, delegates and referees no later than…………………..

3.2.2 All costs associated with the banquet shall be borne by the organizer.

3.2.3 AHF representatives and referees;

For the AHF representatives appointed by the AHF and the referees, the organizer shall pay (in line with the AHF regulation for travel expenses):

  • The traveling costs from home to the destinations specified by AHF and the corresponding return journeys (only to be reimbursed if receipts are provided):

    1st class or Business class traveling for Technical Committee members and economy class for the Referees.
  • All costs in…………….. incurred in association with the matches;
  • Any costs associated with acquiring visas;
  • An allowance of US$50/- per day for Championship Referees.
  • The cost of food and accommodation for the duration of their involvement at the Asian Championship.

3.2.4The organizer shall bear all costs incurred by the AHF representatives during the draw process.

3.2.5 Legal requirements: 

If, there are financial or fiscal provisions, which must be observed by all institutions based in the country, then the payments/taxes due in this context shall be paid from the organizers, and not the AHF’s share of income.

3.2.6 Entry tickets and complimentary tickets

The number of seats and standing places determined for the individual playing halls must be observed in the sale of entry tickets. The proportion of free tickets (for schools and other institutions) may only be determined with the agreement of the AHF.

The proportion of the complimentary tickets (to meet the requirements of both the organizer and the AHF) must be determined with the agreement of the AHF.

3.2.7 The organizer undertakes to settle the AHF share of income from advertising and tickets at the value of US$ (…… ), three months before the start of the event.

3.2.8 In case a contract of sponsorship has not been signed between the AHF and a sponsor, the Organizer is bounded to pay the following amount to the AHF:

Asian Championship & Qualf. for Olympics US$ 25,000/-
Qualification for Men World Championship US$ 20,000/-
Asian Championship & Qualf. for Women WC US$ 10,000/-
Asian Championship & Qualf. for Men Jr. WC US$ 15,000/-
Asian Championship & Qualf. for Women Jr. WC US$ 5,000/-
Asian Club League Championship US$ 15,000/-

3.3 Financial obligations of participants:

Accommodation costs:
Each participating team shall bear;

3.3.1 Accommodation costs for not more than 24 persons (16 players and remaining officials) starting one day before and one day after the championship. Full account of expenses shall be settled with the organizer within two days from arrival.

3.3.2 Travel expenses to and from the place of championship.

3.3.3 Cost of visa and the entry/exit fee in the organizing country.

3.4 Other Rules:

3.4.1 Additional days of stay;

With the agreement of the organizer, the participating teams may arrive before or depart after the specified date. However, the teams must pay any additional costs themselves.

3.4.2 Additional participants

For the duration of the Asian Championship, any team may appear with delegation consisting of more than 24 people. However, the teams must bear the costs of the additional people themselves.

The fee for additional participants is US$…………. per person per day.

4. Television, films & advertising rights

4.1 The organizer shall ensure that the international TV signal is provided for all matches.

He shall guarantee installation, free of charge, of all technical, electrical and electronic equipment from the recording in all the halls through to the provision of the TV signal. The AHF shall in no way be responsible for the financial or material costs. The TV contract, signed in this context, shall cover all other details.

4.2 Television and advertising rights for the Asian Championship matches may only be granted by the AHF and shall be subject to appropriate payment.

4.3 The net income from the TV and arena advertising as well as commercial contracts shall be equally (50/50) divided by the AHF and the Organizer.

4.4 The organizer must ensure that all advertising boards (which lie within the range of the television cameras) are clearly visible and uncovered and are not hidden by people or objects. In principle, no advertising of any other type is permitted (even on drink and other containers, etc.), although such advertising may exceptionally be approved by means of a written agreement between the advertising company and the AHF.

4.5 The organizer must also fulfill the following AHF conditions:

  • The tables for the timekeeper/secretary and AHFdelegates and officials and substitutes’ benches or chairs must be placed on the same side as the television cameras.
  • No advertising, other than the advertising agreed with the advertising company, may be positioned within the range of the cameras.
  • The advertising company must be given access to all the halls concerned and given the opportunity to set up the arena advertising etc. no later than twelve hours before the start of each match.

The net income from advertising on match and training sportswear shall be equally divided (50/50) in accordance with the Regulation on Advertising on Sportswear.

5. Video recordings and rights

In principle, all teams must be allowed, upon application to the AHF, to take video recordings, although some restrictions may be necessary on account of the space available. The number of cameras that are allowed in each hall should be stipulated when the halls are approved.

The organizer undertakes to produce a video of each match, which can be purchased by the participants one day after the game. At the end of the event, the AHF shall receive a copy of each video for its archives.

6. Merchandising

Merchandising rights for the Asian Championship matches may only be granted with the permission of the AHF and its agent and must provide appropriate benefits.

The organizer is charged with holding separate negotiations with all interested parties and ensuring that the following

Every merchandising company, in particular, fulfills AHF requirements:

  • Worldwide use of the logo produced by the organizer and approved by the AHF for the Asian Championship.
  • Worldwide use of the emblem produced by the organizer and approved by the AHF for the Asian Championship.
  • Worldwide use of the mascot produced by the organizer and approved by the AHF for the Asian Championship.

Merchandising and sponsorship contracts may be concluded for :

  • OC’s office
  • Equipment for members of the OC
  • Logistics
  • Transportation services
  • Refreshments
  • Computer services / results services scouting systems.
  • Office equipment, such as
  • Fax
  • Telex
  • Photocopiers
  • TV trailers, etc.
  • and other services

The contract or contracts with sponsors for merchandising rights may only be concluded with the agreement of the AHF and its agents.

Profits from the contract with sponsors concluded by the organizer with the agreement of the AHF shall be divided between the AHF and the organizer in accordance with this contract.

7. Organizer’s liability

The organizer undertakes to take out an organizer’s liability insurance policy for the event. The policy shall be submitted to the AHF three months before the start of the event.

8. Applicable law & place of jurisdiction The contracting parties shall attempt to settle any differences of opinion or disputes out of court.

If agreement cannot be reached, Kuwaiti law shall apply and the place of jurisdiction shall be in Kuwait city.

9. Penalty in the event of termination of the contract by one of the parties

f the contract is terminated by the organizer before all the contractual obligations arising from the contract have been fulfilled, the organizer shall pay the AHF a penalty amounting to US$100,000/-.

If the contract is terminated by the AHF on account of a contractual obligation not associated with the organizer, the AHF shall reimburse the organizer for any cost incurred.

This contract consists of two identical copies.


Schedule of matches
Television Contract

  • Signed in Kuwait on By the legal representatives of the……………………………… Handball Association:
  • Signature of the Chairman
  • Signature of the Director
  • Signature of OC
  • Signed by the legal representatives of the event holder, The ASIAN HANDBALL FEDERATION (AHF):
  • Signature of the President
  • Signature of the Secretary General
  • Signature of the Treasurer
  • Signature of the Executive Director